"Listen to these Satisfied Doctors Who Have Learned to Add Weight Loss to their Practices!"

Peters"It's a Turnk-Key System. I Actually Have Never Seen Anything Like This!  My Wife Is Very Happy That I Will Be Able To Spend
More Time With The Family!"
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drbooth"This Weekend Has Exceeded My Expectations...You Should Give This a Try!"   Play Video
zeiler "They Have A Lot Of Information and And A Lot of Things That Should Be Easy To Implement!" Play Video
ruiz "All Of The Promises Dr. Singleton Made Have Been Delivered!" Play Video
tarren "This Information Has Been Everything That I Wanted To Know To Implement!" Play Video
ddrdrake"I Came Here Looking For A Weight Loss Program I Could Implement Easily That Had  All Systems In Place...I Would Recommend It To Anybody!"Play Video
drholier"Fantastic Material...A Plug-N-Play System,
I'm Looking Forward to Starting
 Up A New Practice and Really
 Booming This Next Year!" 
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drmalay"If You Are Looking For Something to Add To Your Office That Will Be Easy To Implement Then This Is The Place To Be!"Play Video
barnhart"We Learned About Club Reduce From A Friend Who Was Doing Really Well With It!"Play Video
drwife"This Was 2 Full  Days Of Go-Go-Go Boom-Boom-Boom, Great Stuff!”
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manella"Everything That We Learned This Weekend Was Amazing...My Brain Is Soaring! I Highly Highly Recommend It!"Play Video
monohan "They Absolutely Overdeliver...I'm Excited to Implement This Into My Practice and I Recommend Anyone Interested In
 Nutrition To Go This Route!"
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greenley "The Singleton's Approach is Very Organized and The Support Has Been Fantastic!" Play Video
meagan "I've Had a Great Weekend, I Have Learned a Ton and I'm  So Excited to Get Started on Monday!" Play Video
Lepper "I Really Enjoyed This Seminar...Well Worth the Money!" Play Video
ferraro "Really Great Program...Great Systems...They Overdelivered!" Play Video
drmoore "This Seminar Has Far Exceeded My Expectations!" Play Video
christina "I Fell in Love With The Program...I Love The Energy of Everybody Here!" Play Video
benton "We Have Learned How to Use A Lot of Great Tools to Help Our Patients Reach Their Goals and Have Healthier Lifestyles! Play Video
amyrichardson "This is Not One Of Those 'Other Seminars'... This is Good, It is Real, These Are Real People, Really Smart People and  Really Smart Systems..."" Play Video
cole "I Attend 3 to 6 Seminars a Year...This Seminar is by Far the Most Thorough, Complete and Prepared Seminar That I Have Ever Been To!" Play Video
drgoddard "I Have Been in Practice for Over 30 Years, I Can Honestly Say That This is the Most Complete Seminar That I Have Ever Been To!" Play Video
carney "This is the Best Investment I Have EVER Made...They Over Deliver on EVERYTHING!" Play Video
Bennett "We Sold $7,400 in Weight Loss Programs Before We Attended the Seminar!" Play Video

Faria "This is By Far The Best Seminar I Have Been to In My 23 Years of Practice!" Play Video

Peterson "If You Want to Learn a Turn-Key System That You Can Incoporate Weight Loss Into Your Practice...You Have Found What You Are Looking For!" Play Video
Noghrey "I Just Heard About This Seminar Last Week, I Had A Gut Feeling To Attend...You Have To Go If You Have Any Desire To Add Weight Loss To Your Practice!" Play Video
Haas "I Got A Real Good Feeling About This...I Wish I'd Been Here 30 Years Sooner!" Play Video
Houston "I Have Experience Selling Weight Loss...If You Are Skeptical About Making Money with Dr Singleton's Program...Dont Worry, You Are Going To Be Successful!" Play Video
Kuo "The Seminar Delivers Everything It Says and Much More...I'm Excited!" Play Video
Michelle "I Really Enjoyed The Seminar...I Believe It Is Going to Totally Benefit Our Patients and They Will Enjoy It!" Play Video
Debbie "This Makes A Lot Of Sense To Me...We Are Looking Forward To Implementing This!" Play Video
Page "This Has Been a Great Weekend...I Am Ready to Go Home and Start Implementing!" Play Video
Sykes "This is Very Well Put Together and Organized!" Play Video
Houston "I 100% Guarantee That The Client/Patient Is Going to Get Far More For Their Money With This Program!" Play Video
drhockings "I Think You You Are Crazy If You Don't Take Advantage of This, I Told Them to Raise Their Fees!" Play Video
Raheem "I Would Have Paid 3 Times As Much, This Is The Most Comprehensive Seminar I Have Been To!" Play Video
stilson "This is One of the Most Thorough and Honestly the Best Seminar I Have Ever Been To!" Play Video
Baldwin "You Get The Opportunity To See How They Do Most Everything In Their Clinic!" Play Video
Baldwin Staff "This Was Very Organized Which Makes Everything Very Easy!" Play Video
Desalvo "I Think You You Are Crazy If You Don't Take Advantage of This, I Told Them to Raise Their Fees!" Play Video
Fisher "I Am Overwhelmed With The Amount Of Information That We Recieved Here, They Totally Over Delivered!" Play Video
Mayback "This Seminar Is Very Thorough...I Had Very Few Questions After Each Module!" Play Video
Newell "I Have Lost Forty Pounds and Down 4 Pants Sizes,  I Look Forward to Going Home and Putting This Program To Work For My Patients!" Play Video
Soltis "There Is No Way You Wont Be Happy With The Information You Get Here." Play Video
Waldt "It Is Very  Apparent To Me That Dr. Singleton Really Cares About Helping Us Succeed ...I Am Very Satisfied!" Play Video
Wooten "This Has Been A Very Informative Weekend...They Don't Charge Enough...I Am Glad I Came!" Play Video
Wright "I Feel Like I Can Go Back And Implement This!" Play Video
drhoogeveen "This is Going to Be So Easy to Implement!" Play Video
amyhoogeveen "It Looks Really Easy to Implement, Our Goal is $50,000 a Week!" Play Video
drbergquist "The Seminar Was Great, We Can't Wait To Implement Everything in Our Office!" Play Video
britney "I Would Recommend All Doctors Bring Their Office Managers!" Play Video
drjennings "I Came Back For a Refresher Course...This is a Great Program.
I Would Recommend it For Anybody!"
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docjones "It Seems Like It Is Almost Idiot Proof...Like Anybody Could Do It!" Play Video
drmikazans "I Have Been to A Lot of Seminars...I'm Very Impressed With Dr. Singleton's Turn-Key Operation!" Play Video
drpark "I Came Here From New York Because I Heard that Dr. Singleton was #1 in Weight Loss!" Play Video
drreis "I Came Back For a Refresher Course, They Have Made It A Lot Easier to Implement!" Play Video
drsherman "Turn-Key System...Implement The Next Day...You're Good to Go When You Get Back to Your Office!" Play Video
paulajones         "It's Fantastic and So Easy!               Play Video
drfuentes "They Have Put To Paper Everything I Have Thought About Doing For Years But Didn't Have The Time...Now It's Finally Done!" Play Video
drkelly "We Implemented This Program Before The Seminar and It Has Already Paid For Itself!" Play Video
candy "We Closed 10 Programs Before We Came to The Seminar!" Play Video
crocker "I Can't Imagine Not Being Tremendously Successful
With This Program!"
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mynster "We Were Referred By a Good Friend Who Thought This Seminar Might Be Of Value To Us...That Would Be The Understatement Of The Year!" Play Video
dr miller "This is Not Just A Weight Loss Program. This Is A Healthy Lifestyle Program...You Actually Get The Patient Healthy Beyond Just Weight Loss!" Play Video
kahn "I Was Really Impressed With This Program When I Found It, I Am Even More Impressed After Attending This Weekend!" Play Video
warren  "I Am Really Anxious To Implement This...I Highly Recommend It To Anyone, It Is a Great Program"  Play Video
wipperman "I Came To This Seminar Expecting To Get A Few Good Ideas...
I Was Blown Away!"
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Tobol "This Has Been More Than a Wonderful Experience, I Highly Recommend It To Anyone!" Play Video
anna "The Bottom Line is This Put a Polish on Our Programs So We Can Help More Patients!" Play Video
brown "I Got More Than I Expected, This is a Very Thorough Program!" Play Video
coffman Very Intense, Lots of Good Material and Very Do-able!" Play Video
gonzalez "I Am Very Excited to Go Back Home and Implement This!" Play Video
little "I Would Strongly Recommend This Program To Anybody...Even If You Are Looking To Do Something Besides Chiropractic This Would Be Something Great!" Play Video
sumner  "I Have Been To Many, Many Chiropractic Seminars. This  Is One Of The Best!
 They Treated Me Like Family"
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drlevalley "I Can't Wait to Get Home to Get This in Place and Start Helping People!" Play Video
drray "I Love What The Singletons Did For Us, They Really Over Delivered!" Play Video
drshelly "I Know That If I Have Questions I Can Call and Get Them Answered, That's the Best Part!" Play Video
drslossberg "The Singletons Have Definitely Gone Above and Beyond What We Expected!" Play Video
drtuft "Let Me Tell You, Coming Here Has Blown Me Away!" Play Video
drvillasenor "If You Are Seriously Looking For a Weight Loss Program, This is Hands Down a Complete Comprehensive Program!" Play Video
drwilliams "I Wanted a System In My Office That Could Run Itself...All I Have to Do is Supervise It!" Play Video
george "We Are Simply Amazed...This Is a Very Well Thought Out Program!" Play Video
drpetersen "I Am Very Impressed...This is Very Organized!" Play Video
drnorman "This Has Been a Phenomenal Experience!" Play Video
drjones "I Have Been Working on a Similar Program...This is Going to Save Me Ten Years of Work!" Play Video
drhostetler "They Provide Us With the Things We Need to Accomplish Our Goals!" Play Video
drdavis "This is Definitely Something I Can Implement Right Away!" Play Video
david slossberg "We Are Very Excited to Have a Complete System That Includes Marketing, Procedures and Scripts!" Play Video
allison "It's Easy for the Staff and the Doctors to Come Together to Implement This Program!" Play Video
weed "If You Don't Come To The Seminar You Are Making a Mistake!" Play Video
tenney "My Patients Were So Excited That  Two Patients Paid Me $5,000 Before I Came to the Seminar!" Play Video
rhodes "I Am Highly Impressed... I Could Not Come Up With a Question They Could Not Answer!" Play Video
lewis "The Seminar is Absolutely Fantastic!" Play Video
fredrick "More Than I Expected... They Give You Everything From Marketing to Implementation!" Play Video
joe "It Has Been More Than What I Expected!" Play Video
braswell "This Has Increased Our Cash Flow Tremendously!" Play Video
braswell "Doctor Does Over $20,000 in His First 3 Weeks of Implementing This Weight Loss System!" Play Video
Rey "After 19 Years I Have Decide To Start a Cash Practice... We Got a Cookbook Process That We Can Implement Monday!" Play Video
Keels "We All Make Great Decisions and Bad Decisions, We Are Positive This is One of Our Very Good Decisions!" Play Video
floyd "Everything We Have Seen Here Since Day One Has Been Amazing!" Play Video
arneson "You Are Crazy To Miss Something Like This!" Play Video
cohoon "They Have Every Aspect of a Weight Loss Practice Figured Out!" Play Video
husbands "They Walked Me Through Step by Step Everything I Needed to Know!" Play Video
drodell "I Really Like This Idea Because Once I Get the System in Place I  Don't Have to Be There All The Time!" Play Video
drtracy "This Program is Very Concise, to the Point and Upfront!" Play Video
drgilbert "It Was Actually More Than I Expected!" Play Video
drreinfurt "This Program is Laid Out In a Way That Any Doctor Can Be Successful!" Play Video
drcallahan "I Recommend This Program To Every Practitioner Who Wants to Be of More Service to People and Make A Lot More Money!" Play Video
hamilton "I Expected A Lot, It's Been More Than I Expected!" Play Video
drzarzeka "I Am Very Very Satisified... I Am Eager To Implement These Strategies!" Play Video
drristaino "This is The Best Program Out There For Weight Loss!" Play Video
redfern "This Has Everything You Need to Know To Run A Weight Loss Clinic Turn-Key!" Play Video
Jeff "I Can See The Price Going Up Very Quickly, So Get In Here!"  Play Video
drlotter "Everything About The Seminar Was Excellent!" Play Video
drhamilton "I Was Definitely Thoroughly Pleased!" Play Video
drferrigno "I Have A Turn-Key Weight Loss System...  The Value is Unbelievable!" Play Video
drcrisofulli "What I Liked Most Was Their Honesty!" Play Video
kirsten "He Delivered Way More Then I Expected!" Play Video
kirsten "This Seminar Was Fantastic...
I Can't Say Enough About It!"
Play Video
test1 "This is Probably The Best Seminar I Have Ever Been To!" Play Video
drjones "This Will Far Surpass Your Expectations!" Play Video
drblackmore "I Am Very Excited and Ready to Go!" Play Video
drlarsen "I Wanted a System That I Could Follow and a Better Way of Marketing!" Play Video
test1 "Their Program is Secure and It's Going to Give Me Good Cashflow!" Play Video
test1 "I Highly Recommend It For Anybody!" Play Video
smith "We Are Very Interested And Very Excited To Implement These Ideas
on Monday!"
Play Video
schone "It Has Been A Wonderful Experience!" Play Video
marci "I Am Really Glad I Came, I Feel Like I Can Take My Business Further!" Play Video
kidgell "The Information Is Very Doable...
  It Will Make A Big Difference!"
Play Video
Beam "We Are Ready To Go Implement This  Two Days!" Play Video
Keels "This Seminar Has Been Unbelievable, I am Excited to Get Started on Monday!" Play Video
Drew "I Was Looking For A Concrete System That I Could Implement Easily, Without Having to Add A Lot of Staff and Overhead, I Definitely Recommend It!" Play Video
Lawrence "I'm Glad We Aren't Giving People Toxic Supplements... It's More About Getting People on a Better Lifestyle!" Play Video