Adding This New Breakthrough Weight Loss System Inside Your Office Can Explode Your Income and Change Your Practice Forever!

But Don’t Take My Word For It, Read Below to Learn How Hundreds of Doctors Have Increased Their Monthly Income…and How Thousands of Patients Have Finally Lost Their Weight with This New and Amazing Natural Weight Loss System!

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“Nine Years Ago, I Created a Chiropractic Weight Loss & Neuropathy System that Brought in $100,000 in Monthly Cash Collections…And My Practice Has Grown Every Year Since!”
“So if I Personally Helped YOU Start a Weight Loss Practice–and if I Let You Come into my Office and Showed You Exactly What I’m Doing—Would YOU Make Life-Changing Money?”

The Answer is “YES YOU WOULD!”

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“For the Past Nine Years, I’ve Literally Been Working Day and Night to Unlock the Secrets of an Ultra-Successful, Cash-Producing Chiropractic Weight Loss Business in My Own Practice–and I Have Succeeded!”

These mysteries of this incredible program have been revealed to hundreds of doctors…and now it’s YOUR turn! You see when I was DESPERATELY looking for a lucrative CASH system, there was nobody out there teaching what I wanted to do… So I know what it’s like to want to have a million-dollar weight loss program, that the “masses” would be attracted to, but not be able to find any place with a system that was doing it and teaching it…

For that reason, I decided to share all my hard work with my fellow Chiropractors. So during selected months, I let a small group of lucky Chiropractors into my office to see firsthand exactly how I do it!

I’m willing to share with you some simple, yet powerful concepts, systems and programs that can make you an additional $25,000.00, $50,000.00, $75,000.00, or even $100,000.00 or more a month!

This is a wonderful new way to bring cash (and lots of it!) each month right into your practice.

“If You are Like Me, and All Chiropractors I Know, You Need a ROCK-SOLID CASH Program Inside Your Practice…”
WHY? Because We Get Treated Unfairly by Insurance Companies!
I learned this firsthand through a terrible event in my office. You see, I once had my “dream insurance practice”… It didn’t happen over night, but it happened–after years and years and lots and lots of hard work!

  • I was like most other chiropractors; I worked first as an Associate Doctor (making so little that my wife worked on the weekends when I was home to tend our two small daughters.)
  • I decided to go out on my own
  • I put a business plan together
  • I approached 12 banks, getting 11 “no’s” until 1 finally believed in me
  • I opened up my own practice with 2 adjusting tables, 2 intersegmental traction tables and 1 CA
  • I did a lot of marketing
  • I attended a lot of seminars
  • I eventually opened a bigger clinic
  • I added rehab
  • I decided to open an MD/DC practice
  • I hired a Medical Doctor
  • I hired a Physical Therapist
  • I added a lot of diagnostic equipment
  • I bought and leased other buildings and opened multiple clinics
  • I had an MRI unit on site
  • I studied and studied marketing
  • I hired more employees (75 of them working for me!)
  • I actually hired a full-time Attorney as an employee to handle all the hassles we constantly received from insurance companies–(They don’t like anyone they have to pay money to, but they REALLY don’t like you when you bill out as much in insurance claims as we did!)

By the Time I Had My “Dream Practice” – We Were Able to Bill Out $650,000 a Month!
I thought I had it made…..I had arrived!

But a troubled and dishonest employee (a medical doctor)…went to the insurance companies (who had been unjustly harassing us for years) with false accusations…and ended up costing me my “dream practice.”

I had been doing everything I should have been doing (except doing background checks on my employees)…I had even hired a full-time attorney as an employee to make sure we were crossing every “t” and dotting every “i” – but that didn’t matter…

We even had a comprehensive compliance program. We went the extra mile and had an outside attorney (non-employee) come in and do Medicare compliance seminars…even though we didn’t have to…. And we required all of our employees to attend.

Because I was the biggest clinic of its kind in my state, I went above and beyond what I needed to do to show the insurance companies that always harassed me that we were doing everything right…

So, I never even considered that a third party could pull the rug out from under my empire!

But since my clinics were full-service clinics (chiropractic, medical, physical therapy, diagnostic, etc.) that attracted patients with insurance coverage…

99% of our accounts receivables were tied up with the insurance companies…to the tune of over $1,000,000.00! And they refused to pay!

I had no cash system to see me through, then an investigation began and insurance companies told us they would be holding all of our claims!

What Would You Do if Insurance Companies all at Once Decided to Stop Paying You? Would You Have Extra Cash Income in Your Practice that Would Keep the Money Flowing?

If I would have had my current Rock-Solid Weight Loss Cash Program set up, I could have said, “Go ahead hold my claims for a month or for years…..I like the insurance money coming in…but I DON’T NEED IT TO SURVIVE!”

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any cash programs in my office at the time to see me through, and…

My Dream Practice was Gone!

I lost over $4,000,000.00!

But guess what…there is always a silver lining in every unfortunate situation, if you look for it…

That terrible and unfair experience made me determined to find a rock-solid cash system for my chiropractic office!

If I wouldn’t have been treated so unjustly by insurance companies, I wouldn’t have gotten so fed up with them…..

And if I hadn’t become so fed up with them….

I wouldn’t have made the pledge to find a rock-solid cash system so I’d NEVER have to bill insurance companies if I didn’t want to!

So because I went through all of that, I became determined to devote all of my time, resources and attention to creating this incredible CASH weight loss program.

Well, actually, I didn’t decide in the beginning to do weight loss.

I was just so upset with the insurance companies, that I didn’t want to bill insurance anymore.

I wanted something new…something CASH…something that DIDN’T involve insurance.

There were several things I considered and investigated.

After examining lots of different choices, I decided that in my new rock-solid money making business:

  • I wanted to utilize my knowledge as a Chiropractor
  • I wanted something that was a part of a HUGE GROWTH industry
  • I wanted something that would be recession proof
  • I wanted something that the majority of people would readily accept
  • I wanted something that I controlled…so no third party billing company had any control over my success!

The more I researched, studied, investigated and pondered…

It became very evident that the best thing I could do to get back my financial freedom was to help patients with their weight loss struggles!

Why, because…

  • Statistics show that ONLY 7% to 12% of the population utilize chiropractic
  • Yet Statistics show that 66% to 86% of adults are overweight
  • Statistics show that 90% of adults will be overweight by the year 2030

A Rock-Solid, Comprehensive Weight Loss Program, that Really Works, Would be the Best Way to Get the Highest Percentage of the Population Interested in Coming into my Office!

So My Quest for the Perfect Weight Loss Program Began…

I decided to look for a weight loss system to implement.

I knew EXACTLY what I wanted because as a doctor who has studied nutrition for years…

  • I wasn’t going to settle for some medically developed shake or meal replacement!
  • I didn’t want any multi-level marketing miracle pills….that patients could also buy from their neighbor along with their Avon and Tupperware.
  • The program needed to be ethical and life changing for patients!
  • I wouldn’t be hiring an MD to prescribe injections for weight loss or anything else that I wouldn’t give to my family or take myself.
  • Quick fix pills complete with side effects were not an option.
  • I wanted something that was new and up-to-date with current research.
  • I wanted something that was nutritionally sound.
  • I wanted something that was comprehensive.
  • It had to address all of the complex factors that contribute to weight loss.
  • I wanted something hands-on.
  • I wanted a system that attracted lots of new patients.
  • I wanted something that was easy to market and advertise.
  • I wanted a turn-key system.
  • I wanted a program that patients would love.
  • I wanted a program that patients couldn’t get anywhere else.
  • I wanted a program that would generate lots of referrals.
  • I wanted a program that set me apart as a Weight Loss Expert.
  • I wanted a system where patients would realize why they should stick with me for life…even after they had arrived at their goal weight!
  • It had to have been designed specifically for chiropractors.
  • It had to be overseen by a chiropractor and/or a chiropractic staff.
  • I wanted a program that my staff could easily learn and run with if I wasn’t there.
  • I wanted to make my millions back!!!!

Now that was a pretty tall order! But that is what I wanted. I looked and looked. I attended lots of seminars, only to discover…

The Weight Loss Program I Wanted to Offer Simply Didn’t Exist!

Now I was REALLY frustrated! I was willing to pay for the information…

So I searched and searched…But it was nowhere to be found.

Oh sure, there were and still are all kinds of weight loss programs marketed to chiropractors—but none of them had the depth I was looking for.

I simply didn’t feel that any of the programs were worthy of my endorsement as a doctor….

Not only that…but nobody I talked to was making any money doing them…

And I was convinced that having the comprehensive weight loss program that I had envisioned, was the way to make my millions back…

So…I rolled up my sleeves and began the process of inventing it!

Believe me, I did not want to invent this.

I had my exhaustive list of everything that needed to be included…

I knew this was going to be a lot of work…

But I began the hard work; studying, researching, testing, and investigating I needed to do, in order to get the program that I wanted.

It took me years to accomplish it, but I did it!!

Luckily, because I had just lost $4,000,000 and my practice, I was able to spend my full-time efforts working on this incredible, comprehensive weight loss program.

This would never have been possible for me as a full-time practicing chiropractor!

I invested the time necessary to create this incredible, turn-key system,

And the result…I Cracked the Code! I Found the Mother Lode!

I Discovered the “Doctors Gold Mine” in a Chiropractic Office!

And it has paid off beyond my wildest dreams!

You don’t have to wait any longer for the CASH practice of your dreams!

I’m NOW Ready to Reveal My Secrets and Breakthrough Discoveries with You when You Come to Visit my Office for an Insider’s Peek!

The comprehensive Weight Loss System is absolutely incredible!

Daily I do two things that make me very happy:

  1. I am Changing My Patients’ Lives for the Better, and They are Thrilled!
  2. I am Making Great Money!

It’s such a Win/Win combination.

Let me explain about our program.

We Have Combined This All Into A System…

It has been A LOT of work, but the beauty of it is that you or your staff can just use the system that has already proven to work in our office…and hundreds of other offices!

Basically, a patient comes in to lose weight, but I tell them this, “Yes, you will lose weight…in fact, we’ve had patients lose well over 100 pounds! But we are going to get you healthy, and that is the most important part.

We really are a nutrition clinic, disguised as a weight loss program.

The deal is, people don’t care that much about nutrition…but everyone cares about losing weight…well at least 66% to 86% of the population does!

As you know only 7% to 12% seek chiropractic care…so weight loss is simply a better market.

Most doctors that have come through our training system are reporting that offering weight loss has turned out to be the biggest referral source they’ve ever had for new chiropractic patients. Once the weight loss patients gain your trust, they want to know what else you have to offer…like for their back pain. It’s terrific.

We are different from Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, because it actually does matter what patients eat…unlike Weight Watchers, where they can eat a Twinkie, as long as they count the points!

We get patients healthy, then they lose weight…well they do both at the same time.

I’ve had patients who couldn’t get pregnant that now can get pregnant…patients with MS whose lesions are now gone on an MRI, patients with diabetes who now don’t need to be on insulin, women whose hot flashes are finally gone…the list goes on and on.

We are changing people’s lives!

I have developed a testing system, that all doctors get to use when they sign up for this program.

It is based on my experience of over 20 years of working with patients nutritionally.

The testing system is a form that patients fill out online or offline. Your staff or your patients answer questions on the computer and the results tells you what type program to put patients on.

For example, some patients may have a problem with Candida, and they need to get rid of before they can lose weight and keep it off.

Other patients may have a hormone issue to deal with.

Still others may have sugar handling problems.

Some may have Fibromyalgia.

The testing is simple enough to delegate to your staff.

In fact, we have many doctors who delegate this entire system to their staff.

Some doctors want to do the entire program themselves, and that works. Other doctors want to do it along with their staff. When you come to the seminar, we teach you all the marketing you can do. You don’t have to do it all. It’s just a numbers game. It just depends how many new weight loss patients you want. We also teach you what to say and do with each new weight loss patient. We teach you how to close patients on a weight loss program.

We have weight loss programs as low at $400 and as high as $5000. Of course, you decide what you’ll charge.

The typical program in our office is a 12-week weight loss program that patients purchase for $3000.

We have programs that are very hands on, and programs that are hands off. Some programs are just a very detailed binder with supplements for them to take. Still other programs involve hands-on therapies.

For example, we do body wraps in our office. These body wraps were developed by doctors out of UCLA. They were intended for diabetic patients to help with circulation.

These are detoxifying wraps and the side effect is inch loss. Patients lose up from 4 to 14 inches per wrap. These wraps are a terrific fit in a weight loss program, and we include them in the larger programs.

But again, some doctors are alone and don’t have staff to help…that’s okay.

The first month we did weight loss we sold $25,000 with one staff person helping me by answering phones. We were in a small 600 square foot office.

Now we average $100,000 a month and have several staff members helping.

(The first month that we actually did $100,000 was the month we decided this was a system that needed to be shared with other chiropractors…so now we not only practice, but we also consult….it’s crazy busy, but we’re having fun!) So we know how to do this in any type of office.

We’ve Helped Hundreds of Doctors Now Set Up a Weight Loss Program In Their Practices.

The good news is that it just plain works in any type of practice.

That’s because patients really want to lose weight!

I love my practice, and my patients love my practice!

A few weeks ago, I had a female patient in my office for weight loss…

She told me that her husband was very skeptical about her going on another weight loss program…

I suggested she bring him in so I could explain the program to him. She said that she’d try, but she didn’t think he’d agree. Well he did agree, and I met with him. He listened to me explain the program and it really made sense to him. “Well maybe I should do it too”, he said, “just to support my wife who really wants to lose weight.”

He’s now only been on the program for two weeks.

He was in my office today.

He said to me, “I’m 52-years old and I’ve NEVER felt this good in my entire life!”

He’s already dropped 15 pounds…in just two weeks.

He exclaimed, “My pain is gone! I can sleep! I don’t snore! I was just doing this to support my wife—but it turns out that this program is changing my life!”

These are the Kinds of Things I Hear Every Day from my Happy Patients!

And Now It’s Time YOU Started Making the Money You’ve Always Dreamed of in Practice by Using 100% of Your influence as a Doctor!

What do I mean by “Using 100% of your influence as a doctor?” Think about it, why did you go to Chiropractic school….it was to help people right?

Well, let me tell you, there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing a patient’s life change through your skills as a doctor…

And since 2006, when I added weight loss in my practice, I’m seeing results with patients that I was never able to get before.

Because you see, I offer weight loss….but what it really is, is a program that will change people’s lives.

For years, I used to tell my chronic back pain patients that they needed to make some lifestyle changes in order to get their bodies out of pain.

I found out that patients just wanted adjustments or therapy, but they didn’t want to change anything else to get their bodies out of pain.

But when I started advertising for weight loss, the game changed.

These patients coming into my office to lose weight KNEW and EXPECTED that I was going to tell them they had to make some changes, such as what they ate.

Here’s where it gets interesting…

Eventually, in my practice…

I had patients on my weight loss program…whose NEUROPATHY Problems also went away…

I had patients on my weight loss program…whose DIABETIC Problems also went away…

I had patients on my weight loss program…whose FIBROMYALGIA Problems also went away…

I had patients on my weight loss program…whose HORMONE imbalances cleared up…

I had patients on my weight loss program…whose SKIN Problems also went away…

And that’s just a partial list.

The outcome of these amazing results has been even more referrals and an even more diverse and STRONG CASH practice!

And yes, because of that, I now have treatment programs AND MARKETING programs for all of these conditions…that you will be given when you attend my seminar!

Just the Neuropathy Program alone, brought in an additional $60,000 a month the FIRST month I started marketing it…and my Neuropathy Program was developed exclusively because I had been getting such incredible results with my weight loss patients who also had Neuropathy!

It’s simply unbelievable!

And it all starts by adding weight loss!

Don’t stand by as your competitor down the street takes advantage of this multi-billion dollar market!

I’m dying to tell you the many facets of this program….and I will when you come to my office and attend my seminar.

And by attending my seminar, you can…

Set Yourself Up as the Expert Weight Loss Doctor in Your Area!

Are you ready to be the Weight Loss Expert in your area?

By the way, whether you question if you’ve studied enough nutrition to be seen as the Weight Loss Expert in your area…

Then let me tell you this…

The nutrition you learned in chiropractic school combined with the research and training I’m willing to share, will be everything you need in order to have patients calling you and begging to do your weight loss program!

And in case you think you’ve forgotten everything about nutrition you learned in chiropractic school, fear not, I’ll help bring you up to speed…

So that you CAN become the Weight Loss Doctor of choice in your area!

I can’t imagine why any chiropractor wouldn’t want to do this!

I’m sure you would love to do this!

But I’m guessing there are a few questions you’d like to ask me.

So let me ANSWER some QUESTIONS you might have right now.

Question: “You used to bill out $650,000 a month in insurance…but my practice is a lot smaller, will this Cash Weight Loss Program be too difficult for me?”

Answer: No it won’t be too difficult! It is all systematized. You’ll be amazed that although this is comprehensive, it’s easy to understand and makes a lot of sense. I’ve done all the hard work for you. I’ve spent years getting this into a turn-key system that others can easily implement. My staff can do this with or without me there, and I’ll train you and your staff too!

Question: “I haven’t ever studied nutrition…How do I have the tools to become an expert in Weight Loss?”

Answer: Trust me. If you are a Chiropractor, I can help bring you up to speed on everything you need to know to help treat the people in your community that I promise, are looking for answers to their weight problems. And if you don’t want to do it, I’ll train your staff!

Question: “I have a closed practice… Why do I need new patients?”

Answer: You don’t! You can use this program with your existing patients…in fact, there is a GOLD MINE in your current practice…just waiting to be mined! Your current patients already do what you tell them. When you explain this new, common sense and comprehensive approach, they’ll go from thinking you’re great to practically worshiping you…just wait!

Question: “I already have a supplement line I like to use, do I have to use what you use?”

Answer: You DON’T have to use what we use, but I think you’d be crazy not to. I use a line called Solutions4. I’ve used it for over a dozen years. I use other supplement too, but for weight loss, I only use Solutions4. Let me tell you why…IT WORKS!!! Thirty years ago, Dr. Linda Nelson, the founder of Solutions4, originally had her company in Asia. One country they did a lot of business in (and still do) is Japan. In Japan, they have very strict standards for supplements. In the United States, the FDA allows up to 50% fillers. That means you could have 50% cellulose or fillers in your supplements. However, in Japan, they don’t allow fillers. The supplements have to be 100% pure and efficacious. Solutions4 makes all of their supplements to Japanese standards, so you know that what you are giving your patients is pure and will work. One of the most financially rewarding things I’ve ever done is carry the Solutions4 line…because patients love it and continue to order month, after month, after month! With the Solutions4 line, my patients lose their weight, love the product, and are compliant with my recommendations on supplements. Also, Solutions4 is a doctors-only line, so your patients have to get it through you!

Question: “What makes you such an expert on weight loss?”

Answer: I’ve been helping patients nutritionally for over 20 years. Then after losing my dream practice in 2003, I was able to spend 100% of my time studying exactly what worked and what didn’t work in healthy, nutrition-based weight loss. I discovered some things that blew me away and have literally changed my life. Combining the plethora of knowledge I gained and putting it into a comprehensive program wasn’t easy. But it worked! I haven’t yet had a patient that I wasn’t able to help….in fact, I constantly get referrals of patients who say they have tried everything to lose weight…and I’m their last chance. Luckily, I’m able to help them! You’ll learn to do the same thing!

Question:“What if I’m too busy to implement a new program in my practice?”

Answer: Great problem! When you come to my office to see all my secrets and learn how I can collect $100,000.00 in cash a month, you will also get to bring a spouse or one key employee. Delegate this to them! You will both leave with the tools you need to do this or to delegate this to some other staff member(s) to implement….if you were making an additional $100,000.00 in cash, could you take off a little more time?

Question:“What if I don’t have enough space in my office to do anything else?”

Answer: When I first opened up my Weight Loss Cash Practice, I only had a 600 square-foot office. But you don’t even need an extra 600 square feet. I can show you how to implement this right in your existing space.

Question: “Why should I add something else, I am getting by now with my practice?”

Answer: Hey, I thought I had the Dream Practice…but when the storm came (and the storms always come), I wasn’t prepared with a cash system. Having this program implemented could have saved my business!

Question:“Why shouldn’t I just stick with my insurance practice?”

Answer: Insurance companies continue to cut our claims, require more documentation and make it harder to get paid. Even the experts in our chiropractic insurance industry say we can only count on insurance for another 3 to 5 years. You MUST prepare now for your future. You should certainly keep running your insurance practice if that is working…but DON’T rely solely on that! DON’T put all your eggs in one basket!

Question:“What makes your seminar different?”

Answer: I promise you…there is no seminar in the chiropractic industry like this one. I looked…I searched…it doesn’t exist! Nobody is teaching what I am teaching. You’ve never experienced what you’ll experience at this seminar. But don’t take my word for it, check out the hundreds of testimonials from satisfied doctors who have attended my seminar!

Question:“I’ve been to seminars before that haven’t benefited my practice…how do I know yours will?”

Answer: I’ve experienced the same thing! That’s why I’m having the seminar in my office, so you can experience the entire thing firsthand. I’m going to roll back the curtain and let you see exactly what I do. You’ll see everything you need to see in order to go home and duplicate a thriving, cash producing, weight loss program in your office!

Question:“Don’t you just have a manual or CD’s I could buy? Why do I have to come to your office?”

Answer: I know that I could educate FAR more Chiropractors through print and recordings than I could through having them come right into my office and it would be A LOT less work and expense for me! However the fact is that not everyone learns best from manuals and CD’s. People are most successful when they get hands-on experience—and see exactly how things are done. In addition to that, you really must experience this incredible program for yourself—in person! Then you’ll easily be able to go home and duplicate the processes in your office. You could just send your staff if you want. And if for some reason you simply can’t come for awhile, you will have access to the training for free for the first three months of the program, and you can learn online…however, we STRONGLY advise coming to the seminar. It will make a HUGE difference financially in your practice.

Question: “What if my spouse doesn’t want me to do one more thing?”

Answer: Let your spouse read this. Let them read the other reports and information I have given or sent you. They’ll see the potential…they’d be crazy not to. Then when they come to the seminar with you, they’ll praise you for your wise decision!

Question:“What kind of a program do you put your patients on?”

Answer: I have literally spent years refining this program and it works! I have patients who lose well over 100 pounds! But weight loss is hard work for a patient, so I’ve been very careful to include some pampering services into the weight loss program, so it makes it easy for the patients to stay involved. Let me say, this program is really a “wellness” program disguised as a weight loss program. In other words, my first objective is to get the patient healthy, and along the way, they DO lose their weight. I’ve had patients tell me I’ve saved their life! First I test the patients (in office…I’ll teach you how too!) to see what is going on with them. Then I put them on a very healthy eating regimen, where they track their calories. They are given AMAZING supplements that aid in their weight loss endeavor. The secret sauce is what happens in the office. We offer some one-on-one support (done entirely by staff…scripting is provided for them.) We perform body wraps where the patients lose 4 to 14 inches in one hour…they LOVE this and it keeps them motivated! We have other tools for the patients for their emotional eating and maintenance….it’s a COMPLETE PACKAGE to ensure their success! It’s worked for thousands of my patients, thousands of other doctors’ patients…and it will work for your patients too!

Question:“I can’t arrange my schedule to come to your seminar, can I learn at home?”

Answer: When you sign up for the seminar, you are given three months free access to our website that has all the training on it. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you come to the seminar, but if you want to get started IMMEDIATELY, but can’t come for a month or two, you can start the learning process online just as soon as you sign up and get this system mastered BEFORE you even attend the seminar. We’ve had doctors make thousands of dollars…and completely pay for their investment before they even attend the seminar by going through all of the training online.

Question:“I can’t afford this.”

Answer: If you can’t afford this, you really need to learn how to add $25,000.00, $50,000.00, $75,000.00, $100,000.00 or more to your office each month! You’ve got to come! If you want your money problems to be over…you must attend. Put it on a credit card and pay it monthly. Or we’ll split up the payments over seven months and bill your card. Sell something! Borrow it! Do whatever it takes to get to this seminar and solve your money problems once and for all! You can easily make back the cost of this seminar by selling just one patients this incredible weight loss program—and I’ll teach you how to get hundreds of new patients each month! I’ve actually sold over $22,000.00 in weight loss programs in one single day! Trust me, the cost of this seminar is a small investment for what you are going to get!

My new “Doctors Goldmine Seminar” will allow you to start and promote your very own Weight Loss Program, using the SAME strategies I’ve used to grow from no cash system at all, to over $100,000.00 in cash collected monthly.


Can I Help Make YOU Rich?

This is your chance to find out…

Since this is held right in my office and there are space restrictions, I can only allow a limited number of doctors to attend this breakthrough seminar…So register now before you are left out of this amazing opportunity!

Who is Invited to Attend the “Doctors Gold Mine” Seminar?

  • Bring a Support Person with You: Because you will actually be right in my office being taught exactly what I do, space is extremely limited. However, I HIGHLY recommend you bring your spouse or a staff member with you. You can do this all by yourself, but why would you?! There is no extra cost to bring one other person who works with you. Bring somebody who will be able to help you implement everything you learn, or bring your spouse to support you in creating a new exciting Weight Loss Program within your practice. You don’t have to bring anyone if you don’t want to, but they can come for free!

How Long is the “Doctors Gold Mine” Seminar?

  • 2 Full Days with Me and My Staff: Come prepare for two full days! This information-packed seminar will leave your head spinning with all the new ideas you’ll be able to implement in your office. Because you will be getting hands-on experience, you’ll easily be able to go back to your practice and duplicate the same processes that allow me to collect $100,000.00 a month in cash!

Where is the “Doctors Gold Mine” Seminar?

  • The Seminar is held in Salt Lake City, Utah: As soon as you register, you’ll be given the exact location of the seminar, and the names of hotels where you can stay. By the way, the Salt Lake Airport is a hub for Delta Airlines, so it’s easily accessible from anywhere in the country.

What Will I Learn When I Attend the “Doctors Gold Mine” Seminar?

  • All of My Secret Discoveries that have Enabled Me to Collect $100,000.00 Cash per Month: I will be pulling back the curtain and letting you take a look at exactly what I do so you can go home and duplicate these same cash producing procedures.
  • A Turn-Key System for Adding a Cash Weight Loss Practice: This system took me years of full-time work to put together. I’ll give you everything so that you or a staff member can go back and implement this.
  • 7 Weight Loss Programs I Offer Patients: I will give you all of the details you’ll need to start selling these programs to your patients. Be prepared to change the lives of your patients!
  • All the Marketing Programs I Use to Get 88+ New Patients a Month: You might not want that many additional new patients, but if you had a system where you could handle that many new patients, you definitely would! Each program has been tested and tweaked for maximum results.
  • 11 Secret Closing Techniques Specific to Weight Loss Patients: Weight Loss Patients have specific needs. They have been subjected to programs that don’t work; and most of them have actually gained weight by being yo-yo dieters. You will learn how to meet and address their specific concerns.
  • Staff Training: You’ll be given all the tools necessary to delegate as little or as much as you’d like to your staff. You will learn what your staff needs to do to run this program with or without you.
  • A to Z Weight Loss System: We’ll review everything you need to know during the seminar, but we’ll also give you everything you need to run things when you get back to your office. This will be a great resource for you! This will also be the guide for the staff members that don’t attend the seminar with you.
  • You’ll Be Processed Though Our Office: In training my staff, one of the things I started years ago was to run all of my new employees through as a new patient and as an existing patient. And we’re going to do that for you too. You’ll see the exact system I use to process new and existing weight loss patients. This is an amazing system that you really need to experience firsthand. Once you are processed, you will be able to go home and start doing the same things for your patients….this alone is worth the price of the seminar!

How Much Does it Cost to Attend the “Doctors Gold Mine” Seminar?

This Price Is Only Available for a Limited Time!

By registering NOW for this Introductory Bonus Offer, in addition the “Doctors Gold Mine Seminar” you will also receive the following FREE items…

  • FREE: 12 Months of Monthly Implementation and Follow Up Webinars that you and/or your staff can attend. The Webinars will cover everything you and your staff will need to implement all the systems you will learn at the seminar.
  • FREE: 3 Months of Monthly One-On-One Follow Up Telephone Calls with me to ask any questions you’d like about implementation, specific patient weight loss concerns, marketing, staff management, etc.
  • FREE: 3 Months FREE Access to Your Own “Club Reduce” Website.
What’s the Club Reduce Website…
Well, after starting a weight loss practice, I wanted additional tools to help me run this new and amazing weight loss business…. When I taught the first hundred doctors or so, we didn’t have this amazing tool, and they still did well. Once we added this tool, doctors fell in love with it, and we originally charged an additional $897 a month for it. However, we realized just how amazing this tool is for you to have from the very beginning because it will absolutely boost your weight loss business. So we decided to give the Club Reduce website to the new doctors for FREE for the first 3 months. Then after 3 months, if you want to continue to use the website, you will only pay $297 a month…UNLESS you allow your membership to lapse over the 3 months, at which point the price of the website will be $597 a month.

However, there is NO OBLIGATION to continue with the website, it is simply an additional tool for you to use. So after hundreds of thousands of dollars and 4 years of development, I’d like to introduce to you my secret weapon to really monetize a weight loss practice…

INTRODUCING Club Reduce 3.0…

Explode Your Income by Taking Your Practice to the NEXT LEVEL!
With the Long-Awaited, New Release of the Club Reduce 3.0 Website!

You are well aware that 66% to 86% of the people in your town need to lose weight…

And the great news is that this brand new website, Club Reduce 3.0, gives you everything you need to help these people lose their weight!

This Club Reduce 3.0 site is so content rich and has so many tools…that it’s hard to say what the most important component is.

In fact, Club Reduce 3.0 has so much going on that it is a business in and of itself.

Yes, Club Reduce 3.0 can even make you money while you sleep!

We’ll get into that…

But let’s start out with the part of Club Reduce 3.0 that is arguably the most important….


Having enough new patients is the SECRET to success!

Club Reduce 3.0 equips you with the best solution for weight loss, but if people in your area don’t know about your amazing program, what good will it do?

If you want to have the most popular weight loss practice in your area, look no further than your marketing!

The weight loss marketing solutions that you need are found right here at Club Reduce 3.0!

Probably the most important function of Club Reduce 3.0 is that it becomes your new “Creative Marketing Director!”

If you hired an in-house creative marketing director to do everything you’ll find at Club Reduce 3.0, you’d have to pay at least $40,000 to $60,000 a year!

But the Club Reduce 3.0 website is only a FRACTION of that cost!

Guarantee your success by finally implementing the programs you need to fill your practice with new weight loss patients!

Some of the Club Reduce 3.0 marketing that you will have access to includes:

9 External Marketing Programs

  • Corporate Lectures
  • Trade Shows
  • Salon Programs
  • Employee Appreciation Events
  • Gym Referrals
  • Dinner Programs
  • LipoLaser External Marketing (You might not have this, but if you ever get one, we’ve got the marketing for you!)
  • Ladies’ Night
  • Bridal Parties

19 Internal Marketing Programs

  • In-Office Weight Loss Seminars
  • Learn & Lose Classes
  • Referral Programs
  • Product Spotlights
  • Staff to Patient Calls
  • Postcard Marketing
  • LipoLaser Internal Marketing
  • Skincare Marketing
  • Lumpy Mailer Marketing
  • Email Templates
  • Snail Mail Marketing
  • Monthly Promotions
  • Patient Appreciation Events
  • Dinner with Doc Events
  • Birthday Specials
  • Graduate Classes
  • Newsletter Marketing
  • Home Party Marketing

4 Traditional Marketing Programs

  • Newspaper
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Billboards

But it doesn’t stop there, we also show you the direction you should take for your ONLINE MARKETING!

We have marketing programs that you and/or your staff will do, and marketing programs that we will do for you.

For example, by utilizing Club Reduce 3.0, we will follow up with your leads that sign up for your weight loss seminar and the leads that sign up for the free weight loss report.

If these leads don’t get followed up on, you risk losing them!

The National Sales Executive Association says that:

  • 2% of sales are made on the 1st contact
  • 3% of sales are made on the 2nd contact
  • 5% of sales are made on the 3rd contact
  • 10% of sales are made on the 4th contact
  • 80% of sales are made on the 5th to 12th contact

There are those that say it takes over 30 contacts to make a sale.

So it is VITAL that the leads are followed up on, CONSISTENTLY!

You don’t know when someone is ready to buy.

And…out of sight, out of mind!

So keeping in touch with them is ESSENTIAL!

With the assistance of Club Reduce 3.0, you WILL be keeping in touch consistently with your leads, so they’ll think of you immediately when they are finally ready to lose their weight!

This phenomenal follow-up email service provided by Club Reduce 3.0 has been years in the making!

Following up on your leads alone would make Club Reduce 3.0 an invaluable tool…yet there is so much more to this new website!

Once your marketing is on track, you will want to make sure that you are giving your patients the best service possible.

Club Reduce 3.0 is a Way to Help Your Patients
Generate Additional Income at the Same Time!

Once you get Club Reduce 3.0 working for you on autopilot, you will be able to…


That’s right!

With the new Club Reduce 3.0, you will be able to offer income producing patient membership sites.

Your patients will pay you for their membership site because it will help them lose their weight and maintain their weight.

Now you have a tool to convert 100% of the people that come into your office.

For those who don’t want to come into your office for weight loss services, you can offer them the “at- home” program.

They’ll simply pay monthly for the information….that has already been done for you at Club Reduce.

In addition to paying you for the monthly membership site…

Your patients will be able to order Solutions4 right from their own membership site, thus you will be making money while you sleep!

When a patient places an order from Solutions4, you’ll get your percentage of the sale in the form of a check from Solutions4 each month.

You will be able to make more money, without having to be the one to physically deliver it!

There are certain products like the Nutritional Shake that patients use for meal replacement that they order month, after month, after month.

Women also fall in love with the skin care line and continue to order it over and over again.

Your patients will order what they want, when they want it…right through the patient membership site you set up for them!

Your patients can also purchase Self-Mastery Technology (SMT) products from you on their Club Reduce membership site.

Patients using Self-Mastery Technology (SMT) are experiencing incredible results with losing their weight and keeping it off!

There are so many additional, amazing benefits you’ll receive when you start using Club Reduce 3.0, such as

#1. Proven Marketing Documents & Samples:

  • No need to reinvent the wheel – we’ve done all the work!
  • We share EVERYTHING that works for us.
  • Thousands of dollars worth of marketing material.

#2. Lead Capture Website

  • Sharp new look!
  • Doubles as a lead-gathering landing page
  • Testimonial videos sell the programs FOR you!

#3. The Marketing Site: Weight Loss Seminar Video

  • Option to have Dr. Singleton’s generic invite OR create your own!
  • Change and update your video at any time.
  • Completely customizable script.
  • Entice visitors with a special offer!
  • Don’t worry about hosting – we’ve got you covered!

#4. EASY and Complete Online Registration

  • One-button confirmation
  • Follow up with everyone – NO ONE falls through the cracks!

#5. The ULTIMATE Weight Loss Assessment

  • Takes the “Guess Work” out of treating patients.
  • Gives you suggestion on which program to put patients on.
  • Completely staff operated.

#6. Junk Food Calculator

  • Overcomes patients’ financial objections!
  • Great selling tool!
  • Calculates exactly how much money patients will save by starting a program.

#7. Over 90 Hours of Online Video Training

  • Get your questions answered immediately!
  • GREAT for training new staff members or refresher courses.

#8. Thorough Online Training lessons

  • Videos and handouts to help you best help your patients.
  • We share EVERYTHING!
  • Still have questions? Give us a call!

#9. Documents for ALL Weight Loss Programs

  • Continuously up-to-date manuals accessible 24 hours a day
  • Easy to click > download > print , in your office or send the files

#10. Easy Online Solutions4 Ordering

  • Hang up the phone and save time with online ordering!

#11. Exclusive Patient Websites

  • Informative content for your patients.
  • Make money while you sleep with Patient Online Solutions4 Ordering!

#12. Exclusive Doctors’ Forum

  • Find out what works for other doctors.
  • Learn from your peers!
  • Make new contacts.

#13. Streamline Communication with Seminar Attendees

  • Automatically send email reminders to seminar attendees.
  • Easily streamline follow up!

#14. One-Click Automated Email Follow Up System

  • Keep in touch with patients long after they first make contact.
  • No one can fall through the cracks!

#15. Online Symptom Assessment for Patients

  • Save your staff time by having patients fill out their assessments online!
  • Be even MORE prepared to close patients – BEFORE they arrive!

#16. Major SEO Benefits!

  • Increase your visibility on search engines.
  • Beat your competition by being part of a nationwide brand!

#17. Option for Discounted Patient Online Ordering

  • Save your staff precious time – encourage patients to order online!
  • You STILL receive commission on their purchase.

#18. Store and Recall Past Symptom Assessments

  • Show your patients exactly how your program is working for them.
  • No more bulky paperwork.

#19. Effortless Follow Up for In-Office Seminar Attendees

  • No one falls through the cracks!
  • Automatic reminders about your seminars.

#20. Automatic Lead Generation of Potential Patients: Free eBook

  • No work required – everything done online!
  • GIVE the reasons WHY they aren’t losing weight – but SELL the HOW they’ll lose weight!

#21. Seamless Follow Up for Free eBook

  • Immediate and continuous emails sent.
  • Invite potential patients for an In-Office Seminar and One-on-One Evaluation.
  • No work required by you OR your staff!

#22. Income Generating Membership Site

  • Make as much money as you want – charge whatever you choose!

#23. Exciting Club Reduce Learn & Lose Classes Online

  • Don’t turn away another patient – sell them Club Reduce Learn & Lose Classes!
  • Help patients maintain their weight loss – with no effort required by you or your staff.

#24. Customized Weight Loss Program Emails

  • Encourage patients to continue with their program – and your services.
  • No work required on you or your staff’s part.

#25. Keep in Contact with ALL Potential Patients

  • Never lose out on another potential patient!
  • Zero effort required – save your staff the trouble of sending email after email after email.

#26. Keep in Contact with ALL Patients

  • Remind patients how amazing your clinic is, even AFTER they complete a program.

#27. Interactive Members Forum

  • Improves SEO – be more visible than your competitor!
  • Positive Reinforcement, patient to patient.

#28. Detailed Staff Protocol Sheets

  • Reduce costly staff errors!

#29. In-Office Learn & Lose Classes

  • Keep selling supplements and products to your patients even AFTER they have completed a program!
  • Weeks and weeks of presentations ALREADY created for you.

And that’s not even everything! As if all of that wasn’t enough, new content will be added every month to Club Reduce 3.0!

Here are the prices you would pay if you had to do this on your own:

  • Full Time “Creative Marketing Director: $40,000 to $60,000 per year
  • Lead Capture System : $597 per year
  • Auto Responder System : $480 per year –Contact Storage –Email Marketing
  • Website Design: –Design: $2,000 per site –Writer: $75 per hour –Full-time staff member to generate new content! –Programmer: $75 per hour – Full-Time staff member when problems arise!
  • Copywriter: –Advertising: $66 per hour –Emails: $70 per hour –Presentation Creation: $129 per presentation –Radio Scripting: $72 per hour –Television Scripting: $73 per hour
  • Customer Relationship Management Software: $3,600 per year
To do just a portion this on your OWN, you would have to pay at least $51,457.00!

But when you sign up for our seminar, you get this Club Reduce 3.0 website FREE for three months.

After your three months are up, you can pay $597 a month to utilize the website…unless you place your order before the three months has expired. If you do that, you’ll be able to get the website for only $297 a month…which is a fraction of what it’s worth!

In January of 2011, we originally launched this site (Club Reduce 2.0) for $897 a month.

But we have taken the site we launched in January, improved it 1000%, done a MAJOR overhaul, renamed it Club Reduce 3.0, and SLASHED the price!

And it gets even better…

As we’ll be adding new material each and every month, we want to make sure you never miss out on all these amazing benefits…so we’re offering special monthly packages. You can pay for multiple months for an even greater savings.

Listen, if you JUST received the FOLLOW UP EMAILS each month….this site would be worth more than $297…

If you JUST received the ONLINE MARKETING TIPS each month….this would be worth more than $297…

If you JUST received the EXTERNAL MARKETING PROGRAMS each month….this would be worth more than $297…

If you JUST received the INTERNAL MARKETING PROGRAMS each month…this would be worth more than $297…

If you JUST had access to the service of having FULL-TIME TRAINING FOR YOUR STAFF each month…this would be worth more than $297…

If you JUST had access to the service of TESTING YOUR PATIENTS with the amazing Symptom Assessment each month…this would be worth more than $297…

If you JUST had access to the service of showing your patients HOW MUCH MONEY THEY’LL SAVE BY DOING YOUR PROGRAM utilizing the junk food calculator so you could show them what they spend, raise their level of awareness and demonstrate their areas where they have a problem…this would be worth more than $297…

Yes, just use one of these services and this website is invaluable to you!
But utilize everything and you have a complete business model to make you $100,000 or more a month!

And there is NO obligation to continue with it. You will NOT be locked into paying for it if you don’t want to use it.

This website can act as a stand-alone business!

But remember, you’ll be getting this website FREE for 3 months once you sign up.

But we’re pretty confident you will want to use it because…

  • It will help you gather leads!
  • It helps get the leads into your office!
  • It helps close those leads and turn them into patients!
  • It will help sell programs, services, and products to all of your patients!
  • It will keep your patients informed and coming back!
  • It will help you increase the lifetime value of every patient!
  • What more could you ask for?


We never take a break when it comes to delivering you the absolute BEST tools to grow your practice.

There are even more easy-to-use, revenue-generating tools coming your way each month and you’ll be the FIRST to know about them!

This extra bonus of this Website alone Will Change Your Practice Forever…

So What Are You Waiting For?

If You’ve EVER Dreamed of Having a Weight Loss Practice…You’ve Discovered the DREAM Here! We have the Dream System All Done For You So You Can Add $25,000 to $100,000 a Month in YOUR Weight Loss Practice!

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I’ll show you how to take bite-size steps toward building and growing your Chiropractic Weight Loss Business—and increasing your profits.

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If you don’t offer a comprehensive Weight Loss program to your patients, I PROMISE they will go someplace else to get it…and it won’t be anything like the incredible program you could offer them!

Now I have a few questions for you…

Would you like to increase your income by $25,000.00, $50,000.00, $75,000.00 or $100,000.00 or more per month? Would you like to take luxury vacations on secluded tropical islands? Would you like more quality time with your family? Would you like to be able to afford that spacious, elegant dream home?

How about that flashy sports car you’ve been eyeing? How about a chance to delegate more of your work to your staff? How about becoming a hero to your patients! How would you like to have a Rock Solid Chiropractic Weight Loss System in Your Office that Alleviates All Your Money Worries?

Well, I’m Confident that by Implementing My Comprehensive Weight Loss Program into Your Office, You Can Make These Life-Changing Things Happen!

I have tried to answer every possible question I could on this site, but if for some reason, you have any questions whatsoever about this amazing program, I’d LOVE to talk to you!

Please feel free to call me at (801) 916-9532. I’d love to talk to you. If I’m with a patient, you can speak with my staff who will just rave about this program. And if you still want to talk to me, I’ll call you back when I finish with my patient.

I guarantee that coming to my seminar will absolutely change your practice for the better…

You’ll make more money and you’ll love practicing once again!

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